AAP Story & its Side-effects

Just a few years ago, it was ok to to label all the political parties into one category and collectively dismiss their every action or the lack of thereof. Then comes a man with an ambitious & well-timed action plan to change the political narrative of India. Now, it was cool to support this man’s political outfit, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). He had everything a thriving middle-class well educated armchair-activist citizens of India dreamt of in a politician; an elite engineering degree from IIT, a background in social work & his anti-corruption vehemence. However, he had already over-stayed his welcome as an anti-corruption hero when he tried to capture a permanent place for himself in the psyche of Indian populace. The sequence of events after that is very well known to almost every Indian on social media. His ambitions never stopped and when reality struck him, he compromised with a CM’s post in Delhi. So, far governance has been zero and activism maximum despite being in power. 

While the political party, AAP was trying to gain political mandate it amassed help from all well-meaning people of India who had been frustrated with rampant corruption. Soon, there was widespread polarisation within the tech-savvy generation who earlier where united in their political ideology. Now people who didn’t support AAP labelled the AAP politicians & supporters as AAPtards and Narendra Modi led-BJP supporters known as Bhakts. Now it was AAPtards Vs Bhakts. Over the past one year AAPtards started getting disillusioned, a portion of support has been lost but not everything has gone from AAP to BJP.  While, it was cool to donate funds to AAP & openly support Arvind Kejriwal it is no longer the same. He has led down a huge fraction of people who supported his initiative. He is now seen as a dictator.

This turn of events is not good for other less-greedy & less-corrupt political outfits, which are many in India. Sadly, not many know about them! These parties would be seen with a lot of cynicism. If things go on the same way, the political mess would always be unsorted & repel young responsible citizens of India. All due to Arvind Kejriwal.