Meta: Happy Birthday

Apparently I missed this blogs birthday. I am not a good father to my blog. Anyway, the blog is now over two years old and has steadily been getting more and more readers, which I really appreciate.

Dog happy for cupcake, unhappy he has to wear a stupid hat
Thank you to all the blogs that have linked me along the way; as well as the radio interviews and podcasts.

A few I'd like to thank personally:

The Champaign Room

The Crimson Quarry
Punt John Punt

Maize n Brew
GBM Wolverine
247 Michigan Board

Michigan State
The Only Colors
Red Cedar Message Board

The Daily Gopher

Corn Nation
Husker Board
Unsportsmanlike Conduct (Nebraska Radio)

Inside NU

Ohio State
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Eleven Warriors

Bucky's 5th Quarter
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All-Around Football
James Light Blog

As always, if you have requests for things you'd like to see, I'm all ears. If you'd like more content of your team, the easiest way for me to see interest is from linking my stuff. As you can see, there is a gap with some of the teams above that shows I haven't been able to reach the entire B1G as I'd like to do; hopefully this upcoming year can change that.

Now we'll get back to regularly scheduled programming with Coaching Points of Rutgers and Wisconsin coming up, plus some more posts on the Cover 4, etc.