Investment Bank Culture - Under the Microscope

Following last week's revelations into Deutsche Bank’s activities around their Libor fixings, the theme of investment bank culture remains a ‘Red Hot’ topic. The subject of bank culture is looked at in this excellent paper from Chrysalis Performance Consulting, who work extensively with banks in the area of behaviour, conduct and culture.

The paper looks at how the culture inside investment banks evolved, and aims to create greater understanding of the core issues surrounding investment bank culture. In addition, this paper offers a re-appraisal of perspectives on cultural change, from the current view where it is largely seen as addressing something which is broken, to how it should instead be viewed as a powerful enabler and a force for the better. The paper takes issue with many of the current cultural change efforts which fall short on tackling the matter on a behavioural level, and which they feel will at best lead to further frustration and ineffective long-drawn-out cultural change.

The paper can be viewed on the following link, where it is available for download.