Workshop and Lecture on Behaviour Finance & Courses on Trading Psychology and Behaviour.

Upcoming talks on Behavioural Finance:

- Friday 7th March 2014 at Cass Business School in London as part of the Cass Investment Conference 2014.
  • This is a workshop titled ‘‘Animal Spirits' in Financial Markets’, and looks at the ‘Emotional Factors which impact Traders and Investors Decisions. This takes place from 1:55pm through to 2:50pm.
-  Thursday 20th March 2014 at the London School of Economics as part of the Society of Technical Analysts Diploma.
  • The lecture is an introduction and overview of Behavioural Finance; It explains some of theories behind Behavioural Finance and how the emotional/unconscious factors of Human behaviour affect the, decision and actions of Traders and Investors.
  • Though this is a closed session, please note we present courses, seminars and workshops on the subjects of Trading Psychology / Behaviour and Behavioural Finance to clients (Banks, Hedge Funds, Asset Managers), and Higher Education Institutions, Societies, Groups and Conferences. 
Our main offering is our ‘PeopleAlpha Trading Psychology and Behaviour Course'. This takes place place over 2 days, the aim of the course is to help participants:

1) Understand the key components needed for success at trading and how to achieve that.
2) Be more cognisant, conscious and aware of the distorting affect and limitations of the human mind, as well as understanding the positive aspects of our mind which we can use to our benefit. 
3) Possess a greater understanding of how we make decisions under uncertainty, and how we can positively influence this.
4) Have greater awareness of the key factors common to traders and investors who achieve consistent success at trading.
5) Have a better understanding of themselves; about the way they work, their own strengths and weaknesses and the areas they need to work on to improve their performance and their self-control.
6) Be in possession of a tool-kit of ideas and practices they can use to help them transform and succeed in altering/changing their behaviours to affect improved future performance.  

If anyone is interested in knowing more about our work in this area, or staging a course, please contact me via email on