I missed a flight

I know you must be thinking: "Who misses a flight?" , "How can someone miss a flight?" , ... But I missed one. My tryst with flight journeys have always been paralleled by emotional turmoils in my life. Yes!

So I had to board this flight from T1 Airport of Delhi (the old one). And, I was late by 10 minutes. Only explanation I can think of is "bad karma" as I was caught up in a highly unlikely traffic jam. Thinking about bad karma, this trip marks a lot of changes in my growing up. I am more than 25 years of age but I still need to mature a lot. I have to learn to deal with romantic pursuits in a better & sane manner. Yes, I did face troubles in my love life, yet again!

But this time, I was lucky enough to have a superb support system in the form of family and few very special friends. I would categorically like to thank this person I respect a lot for the time which she took out to free up my mind from the overhang. In this way, I discovered that there are always people who care for you, may be different sets of people at different times. Important aspect is that there are always people who like you. You just need to keep your senses receptive enough to feel it. Or else what is the difference between us, sentient beings and robots?