My Atthani : Dedh Ishqiya

Rating : 8.0/10
Reasons to spend your money : Arshad Warsi, Huma Qureshi & Classy dialogues
You can stay at home if : You have to watch this movie!
You would like it if you like :  Intelligent dialogues, Suspense & Madhuri Dixit
You would hate it if you dislike : Urdu diction & subtitles for understanding them

There are two types of films which leave a lasting impression on your mind. One, the movie which keeps you wanting for more and the other, which has just the correct duration of cinema for offering. Dedh Ishqiya belongs to the latter type. Dedh Ishqiya starts with bothering you too much with its Urdu but after the interval this movie is a real delight to watch. Don't miss this one!