Sachin Tendulkar : GOD of Centuries

This blog post has been sitting in my folder for around 30 months, to be published on the day Sachin plays his last ever international match. During this tenure, I have transformed from a student to teacher. This post reflects that phase of my life in which I used to swish any object in my hand every couple of minutes remembering a Sachin stroke.
Now that he is finally retiring from all forms of cricket, I push the publish button

24th February 2010

I’m sitting in an IIT-hostel room just 12 hours before an exam and instead of preparing for that important subject on “Climate Modeling”, I have cross-legged, and equally divided by weight on my arse and thighs, and using a pen to write this. Is this usual? No, it isn’t.

Usually an IITian has two chores, either to spend his time and government’s money on his laptop or studying for exam which is the next morning’s first boring mission.
“Dhoni, you’ll get infinite opportunities to hit sixes in your life but please take a single”
People were crying, pleading and yelling at their country’s skipper hitting some lusty shots. Was this strange? They wanted their “GOD” to take that “1 RUN” and he did it!
“Sachin Tendulkar”; a pair of words synonymous with GOD. A phenomenon which can’t be discovered, explained or be written a thesis upon. A personality which defies the “tall-dark-handsome: acid test” to be called a lady’s man.
I can emphatically say that I have never been so happy in my life, not even when I cracked the IIT-JEE!
I witnessed my favourite sportsperson achieving a peak which I envisioned would be done by players like Sehwag and Ganguly, who are minions in front of this legend. Say it tragedy or divine intervention, my cell-phone is not working, my laptop is in comma and is unavailable for any service. I’m totally out of any contact with any of my friends and relatives with whom I’ve spent my entire childhood and teenage-life watching and praising “Tendulkar”. Sachin Tendulkar is the only person in this world for whom I’d not even think twice if he asks me to bat for the other side (if you know, what I mean?). Orgasmic, is a word which is often misused and overused by people who haven’t experienced the “real-orgasm”. However, I’m not wrong if I say the innings of 200 by Tendulkar was orgasmic and would never even forget to describe this to my first orgasm-partner. If my laptop and mobile were working, this would’ve been a blog-post and I’d not be using a 10-rupee pen to write about one of the best men I will keep on adulating. But, coming back to the worldly affairs, I have an exam, it is also important to pass in that.
I’m pissed-off and happy too! Can’t explain this feeling, it’s like sweet n sour tomato soup…?