Summer Internship Experience - Taking it to the Next Level : Part 1

Rohan was pretty excited while stepping onto his new office. It was a necessary rite of passage for most of his batch-mates aka summer internship. To the contrary, Rohan had concocted many stories in his mind about the forthcoming two month experience.

Rohit’s precarious mannerisms were not a new thing for the bunch of his colleagues at his office. Pleasantries exchanged and formal introduction made way for some work. He was allotted to prepare a comparison table for various types of solar energy capturing technologies. He jumped into the sea with minimal assistance.

If you put in 35 minutes of work, 2 minutes of water-cooler break, 20 minutes of work and then 3 minutes of washroom break and repeat each of them in the very same order, it would be exactly the same as what Rohan was doing at the office for the first week. After the end of the first week, he had also spent one weekend which he thoroughly enjoyed but something was missing!

Getting past the Monday morning blues as he started to frantically search the internet for various solar technologies he heard a voice. Yes, a shrilling female voice. “Hi, this is my workstation” said an exquisitely dressed lady. “What? I have been working here for the last 1 week” stated Rohan. As it began so it must have an end. To their rescue came the Head of the office. “Jhanvi meet Rohan our new intern, and Rohan this is Jhanvi our Legal & Compliance Officer” introduced Mr. Sharma.

Rohan and Jhanvi sat beside each other. Two days passed and nothing happened except once Rohan politely declined an offer made by Jhanvi to have orbit chewing gum. He immediately regretted his move as a reflex.


Jhanvi, do you know of any good place for lunch?” enquired Rohan. He gathered all his skills and charm to appear nonchalant with not much success. “Umm… have you tried 10 Downing Street?” asked Jhanvi. Rohan replied in negative. “Rohan, you must go there, it’s awesome” suggested Jhanvi. “Would you come with me” he uttered as if someone put those words on his tongue.

After thinking for a while Jhanvi accepts, “Yes, of course let’s have lunch”.

They have conversation on almost everything under the sun. Changing the world, working for helping the starving African children, following a set of principles and literary preferences were discussed to name a few. Everything seemed normal and just as a good lunch should go.

Jhanvi leans sideways, rest her elbow on the table and starts playing with her hair. “Now, that we know each other and are friends let’s take our friendship to the next level” suggests Jhanvi.

Rohan gives a puzzled face and waits for her to tell more about the “next level”. “Are you on Facebook?” asks Jhanvi.

To be continued…

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