Channelise the Libido, Save the Youth!

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I’m not talking about the obese, burger in hand, iPod earphones plugged-in to ears and low waist jeans clad teenager; they are not going to change the world anyway. History is evident that all the great revolutions have been a result of merciless suppression, discrimination and exploitation. If you don’t allow the release of steam from the pressure cooker, the pressure inside will go on increasing and it will explode.

Women have been discriminated mentally, physically and sexually for more than centuries and now we are feeling the gradual rise in women power though occasional cases of victims like Ruchika Girhotra attract a lot of mainstream media attention and spark national debates on molestation, human-trafficking, prostitution, domestic violence on women and workplace harassment.

If we do not start introspection and start doing something for the next generation such that they don’t face similar debates, we should be ready for explosions literally as well as figuratively.
Take a case of girl who is physically and sexually assaulted by a group of insurgents or terrorists for a week, without giving proper rest or food. Most of the girls don’t ever remain alive to experience any more cruelties of the world but the few who do survive are brainwashed and made anti-establishment. They go on to become more dangerous terrorists or insurgents than their male counterpart.

This is just an extreme case; most of the teenagers learn what they are asked to follow by parents and taught by teachers. Parenting is a very sensitive science and usually considered easier than conceiving a child but we all know it is not true. This doesn’t have immediate reflections on the society.
However, when people who have mass following and are responsible citizens misuse their power and faith common people have in them, they can only ruin a child’s career which becomes detrimental for the society.

Below is a video of a 13 year old Hindu girl addressing a VHP's rally, Spitting out venom against Muslims while targeting Pakistan.

Obviously, this can’t be the words of a 13 year old but is portraying as an ideal example of a mislead youth. Once a person attains puberty, the forces known as libido influences our mental state and we act accordingly. If the libido doesn’t find a useful means to flow from the body it engages itself, it short-circuits and the person mindlessly involves himself or herself in destructive fantasies.
Similarly, if the teenager grows in an environment of compassion, motivation and empathy he/she becomes the next Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa or Sergey Brin. The girl in the video just below is a live example.

As Sunitha Krishnan, who fights against human trafficking says

“…And thereon every child I met, who has been violated and abused I made sure the child understood that he/she is the one who is wronged and being a victim is not something one should be ashamed of. As the anger, pain, outrage and unbearable sense of betrayal poured out, the child was cleared of a burden of a lifetime. Through unconditional love, empathy and acceptance the child was able to see the beautiful person within. As we took the journey together the child was able to slowly regain dignity and a spirit to conquer all odds.”

Sunitha Krishnan didn’t succumb to the seclusion by society, she kept on stewing her anger and when she was brimming with confidence and motivation, wanted to do something meaningful for the girls like her and she did channelise all her energy towards Prajwala.

We need more girls like Sunitha who could fight for their innocent sisters like Ruchika Girhotra.

The world we live in is not hell, good people do exist and they do understand their responsibility and the faith we have in them. Our culture, upbringing and environment we grow all reflect in our personality throughout our life. The perception of your right eye is different than your left eye.

I wish the youth of today who would be responsible citizens of tomorrow realise this very soon and save this world from mass destruction, if the world is going to end in December, 2012 it might me due to improper channelisation and insensible perception of the leaders of the world, but I do not believe in this theory at all.

"Individuals make the families; families constitute the societies; and societies together form the nations, an ensemble of which is seen as the world." [Source]

Humans are known to adapt to every adversity and I know the youth will eradicate all the evils including the "vicious circle of corruption" and bring the changes in the social scenario envisioned by our forefathers and world would remain continuous.