0 to Zero

You are strolling down the path along with your crush and there’s a cone of cornetto in your hand. You and her are sharing all the platonic thoughts and she leans on your shoulders and says , “I love you”. Suddenly there is a background instrumental of , “Tum se Hi” at full volume.

Hey Wait! Does this happen in real life?
So, that was a dream but it had its share of reality, the background score of “Tum Se Hi” was my alarm-tone which woke me up for preparation of my last exam.
Oh Shit! I had woken up exactly 3 hours before the exam and had to complete the whole syllabus and I got the feeling it could very well be the first exam in which I might fail. There is the thing with this alarm, it was continuously being snoozed but I was in my dreams and the moment she proposed me, it had to wake me! Why?
Okay, I prepared for the exam, not so cool subject, “Underground Metal Mining” but what were you expecting to read when you chose mining engineering 2 and half years ago but actually I didn’t choose it, it chose me!
So with the almost no preparations and sweet images of the last dream I walked to my bicycle and coursed my way to the examination hall.
5 minutes into exam and I knew I only know 5 marks out of 100. I had no other option than to answer that in 20 marks format. Questions came and science fiction was written not once, not twice but 5 times, as there were 5 questions. One of those exams, in which I knew nothing but wrote everything.
By the way, if you are wondering about the title of this post let me explain you, 0 and zero have the same value in mathematics but they take different values of bits of memory in the computer hard-disk and similarly, I knew nothing but attempted everything which was just of no worth and out of context. Got it?
I know, I know… but you have to be mature enough to read my blog: P

The bottom line is my end semester exams are over... Yippee!