The Red Swimming Pool with Succubus/Incubus

“Isn’t the water a bit reddish?” I tried to break the awkward silence between Mahesh and me. However, the next moment surprised me when I turned my head and wasn’t able to locate Mahesh who was sitting alongside me near that swimming pool.
I rushed to look for him and...

“Where did you vanish?” I swivelled him through his shoulder to discover that the person was not Mahesh but an old man who looked young from his back.
“What do you want son?” the old man asked me.
“Mahesh” I mumbled.
“No, nothing” I tried to avoid his eagerness to poke into my matters. He looked like an ordinary grandfather-like figure but his voice and eyes were full of energy which was hard to not notice.
“Today you’ll meet SHEEEE, Miss. X and meet a severe accident” the man left me stunned. He knew about SHEEEE and Miss. X! But... How?
“Don’t think too much, I read your blogs” the old man amused me with his reply; I was pleased to discover that my blogs have become so popular.

I was framing a line in my mind to start a conversation with my blog reader, and Mahesh disturbed me and as I turn towards the old man he was nowhere.

“Mahesh! You good for nothing clown where did you go?” I tried to sound very angry over his non-sense act.

--> ...
We were walking through the corridor of our coaching institute when I convinced Mahesh to go to CCD. When we were sitting there the old man’s line started haunting me, how did that person know that I’d meet SHEEEE and Miss. X? And most importantly accident?
When I was trying to decipher the line a boy rushed towards me madly and spills over his coke on my shirt. I went to the bathroom to wash it off.
There I met that old man again.
“Hey! How do you know about my meeting with SHEEEE, Miss. X and accident? Are you God?” I fired these questions at him
He answered casually in a low tone, “maybe!” and started walking, I followed him but the crowd didn’t allow me to chase him. I tried to look for him after manoeuvring my way out of the CCD.


I again reached the “swimming-pool” and this time the red colour was too obvious and I couldn’t take my eyes off the pool.

After few minutes I found myself in the swimming pool, and I discovered that the red colour was because of something highly suspicious. I immediately came out of it and ran towards the CCD...

In CCD, I met a girl sitting just opposite to me and smiling at me. I almost jumped with joy to see SHEEEE; I wanted to tell her everything. I wanted to propose her today. We chatted for around 30 minutes and I felt that as the world has been paused and we are the only people living in this illusionary world with a proper time-frame. So, just as when I thought of proposing SHEEEE, I remembered how I was rejected by Miss. X when I proposed her in an awful manner.

I started thinking about that day; somebody invaded my thoughts, I saw myself in a street with a beggar asking for alms in “English” in India! Then a man well groomed asks me “what do you want moth##$$^^&^?”
Then, I was again back at the table with SHEEEE opposite to me, smiling with her braces. I bent in my knees, held her hand and she started blushing. Just as when I was supposed to say that “Romeo-Juliet-line”, I was interrupted by guess whom?
Yes, Miss. X!
She was standing behind SHEEEE at a distance of few meters from us. I decided to meet her first, I coursed my way towards her but she started looking anguished. When I reached before her eyes, she was staring me with a “you-desperate-looser” look.
After few minutes of staring each other, I was in front of SHEEEE and Miss. X, trying to make myself believe the impossible. They came forward, and pushed me in unison from the CCD-at the 8th floor.
To my good luck, I fell in a swimming pool, and yes that was the red swimming pool.

That was not a swimming pool, which was something else, two monstrous-looking persons came towards me with some sword-like thing, I tried to swim out of the pool, but the water didn’t help my cause. I forgot swimming; there was a flow of water towards the direction of those guys. I began shouting.
Help, Help, Help!

And, my wing-mate woke me up!

Yeah that was a dream, what did you think?
Those incoherent creepy things only happens in dreams, and that too when you sleep when the world around you is all awake. I can’t call it a nightmare; I might call it “daymare” or a futile attack of Succubus or incubus, whatever you like to name it.

PS: This is 55% true.
PS: I saw "Omkara" today, an awesome movie, loved the use of expletives.
PS: I'm really peace-marofying during my mid-semester exams by watching movies, blogging and sleeping like never before, God Help me!
PS: Peace... LOL