Barack Obama shares his Birthday with me!

I’m not 21 years old but...
........... (You better complete it!).

These are few screenshots of Google search suggestions. I know it’s lame but it is successful in tickling my dormant sense of humour.
So I turned 21 on 4th August, 2009. It’s not a milestone, I know it!

Few things noteworthy about my birthday:

1. I share my birthday with Barack Obama, Kishore kumar, Arbaaz Khan ... follow this Wikipedia page to learn more.

2. I realised that I’m really lucky. I escaped the birthday bumps rather the “GPL” as they say it in KGP for the 3rd consecutive time; I must be among the very few KGPians who has never been “GPL”ed. If you happen to be my friend here at IIT, please don’t give me GPL for the rest of my stay here at IIT.

3. A very special person became the first one to wish me on my birthday, she set an alarm so as to wake up at 12:00 AM and wish me. How sweet!!! Know about her from here

Birthday anecdote:

It was my birthday; 21st to be exact. I went to the temple for praying that at least I get a girlfriend this year. Just look at my condition, I’ve wasted my 21 most important years without any girlfriend.
"God! Are you listening to me?
Are you there?
I’ll assume that you are listening to me. Why this place called “KGP” devoid of “hot girls”? Don’t you think that we also have controlled our hormonal urges to bury ourselves under books for more than 2-3 years as to get into this place? I really need some pretty faces to be motivated for the rest of my IIT life. I need a hot chick now. Yes, I’m pretty much angry with you.

Just as I opened my eyes after saying these lines, I saw a beautiful girl standing beside me. Her eyes were closed; I thanked God for fulfilling my wish so soon. I began to wonder whether she is from IIT or not. I tried to fake her by closing my eyes again and after 30 seconds when I opened my eyes again, there was nobody beside me. I turned around and saw her going out of the temple. I followed her. Finally, I came in front of her and...

Me: I’m Ashish.

(Suddenly a guy appears from nowhere, and kisses the girl on her head and shatters my heart.)

Hot chick: hmm...What?

Me: No nothing... sorry I thought you were someone else.

I hate you God, you fooled me again.

Lesson learnt: All hot girls have boyfriends... how unfortunate....