Entrepreneurship- The Latest Fashion Trend

Recently, I was talking with one of my cousins, who is planning his marriage. We were having that casual phone conversation...

Cousin: Hey, I’ve mailed you some photos of girls. Did you get them?

Me: Yeah! Do you expect me to hook up with them... no I won’t, I’m single and not ready to mingle.

Cousin: Dumb @#$@# %%.....( all the foul words)... they are photos which I’ve received for marriage proposal.

Me: (Ooopss...shit) Sorry.

Cousin: Just say which one of them is the best and the rest are all yours....haa haaa. BTW I forgot you have a girlfriend. How is she?

Me: First of all, I don’t have a girlfriend and second point is that I’m going to do arrange marriage that too after 4-5 years as I’m under-age and under-qualified.

Cousin: Why? Why this sudden change? I know, you have realised the fact that no girl would be your girlfriend.

Me: Actually, I’ll take Dowry.

(I know it’s illegal but still the police won’t be able to catch me, as my blog is not so popular and when I’ll marry this post will be deleted.)

Cousin: Oh My God... Do you guys talk these stuffs at your college?

Me: Entrepreneurship, Bro!

Cousin: Pursuing entrepreneurship is tougher than pronouncing and spelling it, dude!

(How true!!!)

Me: Ummm...yup.

Cousin: Let me give some entrepreneurship-Gyan.
Nowadays, entrepreneurship has become a fashion statement. In late 1980s and early 1990s, people did engineering and went to USA. After some economic reforms there was a shift in trend from this to IT-sector and management. Now, all the young people want to have their own venture and become an entrepreneur.
Becoming an entrepreneur is certainly not rocket science but much more than that. I have many friends who took this path and only 1 of them had some appreciable success in his venture.

Things you should have before pondering about any entrepreneurial thoughts...
1. Idea: Ideas don’t rain like cats and dogs. Yeah! It doesn’t rain at all.

2. Capital: You need lot of money dude and unless you are having a great idea related to computers you won’t get any venture capitalist to fund you. However, if in any case they do agree to fund you, it is not a new fact that they would have a major chunk of power in your venture.

3. Co-founder/s: Finding a co-founder is important and also very difficult. As the famous saying goes, “Fast bowlers hunt in pairs” so does founders. (Read a very interesting article on co-founders by Shrey from here)

4. Self-motivation: It is apparently needed for anything you do in life but still I can’t miss this point as you will face many challenges if you pursue entrepreneurship and you must be highly motivated to face them.

5. Time: You should be prepared to give your major part of youth to become a worthy entrepreneur and it also demands patience.

Enough for today!!!

Me: Okay! I won’t take dowry...

Cousin: hee hee...

Me: Cya...Take care

Cousin: Bye