A Short Much Needed Break

Dear citizens of "Blogosphere"

Blogging has become an inevitable part of my life. People might say that the first thing they do is "brush their teeth" or "go to attend the first nature call" but I open my blog. I'm really addicted to blogging. I'm addicted to your love. I love all my blog friends, it has been a wonderful experience meeting you all since September 2008.

However, after all this eventful period of my blogging I'm forced to take a break from regular posting. There is a reason for this, I can't just leave this blogosphere for no reason. I'm going my home for 3 months as holidays have started at my college and I don't get internet connection at my home.

Don't worry, I'll make sporadic appearances with less witty posts to piss you off.

However, I'll keep on updating my "story-blog": "The 3 Nerds". So, don't forget to visit it once in a while. If you still haven't read it, visit it from here.
In the mean time I'd like to leave you with my best and popular posts.

1. "Love at Last sight": My first love-story which ended much before it started.It is more special as it was first read by "SHEEEE (let her name be this)". Read it from here. So far it has received more than 60 comments.

2.My First Date: Do check it out from here.

3.My Childhood Kiss...oops!!!: Read how smart "Trisha" fooled me from here.

4.Are you Bored?---What to do when you are bored??: No spoilers. Read it from here.

5.This Girl is not Happy : My first train journey with a hot chick. Read from chapter 1, then chapter 2and finally chapter 3.

6.Love is not a Lost and Found Commodity : A post in which there is a special appearance of a Goddess to guide me. Read itfrom here

I'll back in the blogosphere with proper frequency of posting from August,2009.
Adieu friends!