Counter Strike and Time pass at Basic E.C.E LAB

Before coming to IIT Kharagpur, I had a perception that IITians will be surrounded by laboratory equipments and busy with research work 24x7.

Now being an IITian, I've realised that it was a myth. No doubt IITians are creative but in their own way. They do a lot of things which others can just dream of. Here are two videos you must watch.

For IIT KGP folks, watch these videos to get a relief from recent sad developments. This will also give a nice feeling to other guys who have their practical exams in coming days.



These videos are brought to you by "Palkush Rai Chawla" and "Samar Rehman Patel" of IIT Kharagpur.

These videos make you realize that you can savour and enjoy each and every moment of your life be it irritating or boring.

You guys Rock!!!

PS: I also have my Basic E.C.E Lab test on 31st March.
PS: How were these videos?
PS: Finally, I've posted something funny, that too which is not mine.