7 Days

It has been 7 days full of idleness for me, though I’ve loads of stuff to share with you. After my exams got over I spent my meaningful week doing things which I always wanted to do. Let me write about them
Film Festival at my Room

I watched lots of movies and almost err all bollywood flicks. I particularly preferred those movies which usually trigger a sacrilege almost similar to “PSPO nahi jaante”, during some gossip sessions which made me feel awfully ignorant about bollywood.
Those movies included old films like “Angoor”, “Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak”, “Naram Garam” and new films like “Water-(Deepa Mehta)”, “13B” and many more...
BTW... I’ve recently became a fan and admirer of “Anurag Kashyap”. I know this is cheap publicity of my orkut community but do join my orkut community of “Anurag Kashyap”.
Now I’ll tell you about some movies which were successful in creating an impression over my artistically retarded brain.
No Smoking:
As the title suggests, the movie is all about “no smoking”. It is a perfect answer to Hollywood’s science-fictions. I hate science fictions not just because they present a lot of violence and unnecessary action but they are illogically unrealistic. “No Smoking” is also unrealistic and as termed by critic Taran Adarsh it leaves you exasperated and disgusted. However, I felt there was some logic in this “Anurag Kashyap’s” movie which could serve as a better substitute to bull-crap movies like “Hostel”, “Saw series” and all science-fictions including blockbusters. It is all what I think.
Anurag sir’s dialogues in the movie were more than enough to appreciate the excellence of the movie. It’s all about widow remarriage. It is a movie not for everyone. There are only few people who can like this movie because actually at times it is unrealistic and sensitive for Indian audience. Lisa Ray looks extremely pretty in her white attire and is perfect for a role opposite John Abraham.
Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak:
Aamir Khan debuts in this film with Juhi Chawla and I don’t know why I missed this movie for 20 years after its release as they both are one of my favourite male and female actors. Though this movie was nothing at all great to describe about. The story is not new. Despite wonderful performances from both Aamir and Juhi, it couldn’t catch my interest at any point of time. Once again this bollywood movie defies the meaning of serendipity with a lot of unusual coincidences.
This movie proves why situational comedy is far better than stand-up comedy. It is based on Shakespeare's play 'The Comedy of Errors'. Sanjeev Kumar and Deepti Naval are simply the best in this movie. Do watch it when in need of some laugh-alone moment.
Mr. and Mrs. Iyer:
I liked the movie for two reasons. First, the movie flows very smoothly and second, Konkona Sen Sharma, one of my admired actresses is superb in her artificial Tamil accent. I did feel the movie could’ve been more meaningful if the relationship between the lead protagonists was of a different nature. The ending was apt and bollywood type. No spoilers!
Sirf Tum:
Remake of block buster national award winning Tamil film Kadhal Kottai, is an average romantic movie. The story is highly based upon imagination and strange coincidences but due to perfect acting by all the actors in the movie it deserves some applause. Priya Gill is the only thing for which you would see the movie more than once.
Naram Garam:

The “Amol Palekar” and “Utpal Dutt” duo shines again in this movie with Swaroop Sampat, the popular face of the hugely popular TV comedy show “Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi”. Everything is just perfect in this movie and I wouldn’t have been surprised if someone goes to court for adapting his/her true life story in this movie. It is too realistic to be considered as a bollywood movie.
Holiday at Home

I really needed this break after a lot of things over these past few hectic months. I really loved this holiday. I chatted with my grandmother over non-trivial subjects at which she is just an expert with her friendly behaviour. I wonder (Generation gap)2 = (NO generation gap).
Other thing which caught my attention was the fact that most of the billionaires and entrepreneurs are young and are computer geeks who are also college dropouts. Let me name a few for you. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook), Steve Jobs and quite a few.
I read a lot of books on paraphysics too but I won’t bore you with “Karma” and all such “Re-birth” stuff.

PS: Feeling a lot better after writing this post.
PS: I really loved the past 7 days.
PS: Do comment on the movies I wrote about.