Love is not a Lost and Found Commodity

“C U @ 10” This SMS wakes me up.

It was “Durga Puja” Holidays time. I’d been to my place. Did I tell you about that SMS?
No, I didn’t. It was sent by Trisha to remind me that we had fixed a get-together with almost every friend from High school. Guess, what? Everybody also includes “Miss.X”. I couldn’t afford to miss this rare opportunity. I jumped from my bed with a reflex action which reminds me of “Aamir Khan of Ghazini”. I brushed my teeth twice probably thrice. After attending nature’s call, I took a half hour long bath to improve my melanin-rich complexion. My mother was surprised to see me doing these things so early in the morning with full sincerity. She even asked,”Are you going back to your Hostel?”
At 9:30 AM I left my home for Trisha’s place. We’d planned to meet at a “Puja Pandal”. However, Trisha and I always went together in such get-togethers. I don’t know why but it’s our habit nowadays. After all, we know each other from the time we had only half a dozen numbers of teeth.
I reached Trisha’s home at 9:55 AM. As usual, Trisha was still not ready. I began changing the channels. They had purchased a new TV. It is very good. It’s flat. Trisha came and blocked me from watching that technological advancement in Television entertainment.
She said,” You haven’t said “Hi” to me idiot!”
Oh! Hi Trisha. So are you ready? Let’s go: They Must be waiting for us.

"They? Or “Miss.X!”....."
She knows everything about “Miss.X”.
Trisha finally left the living room and called me,” Come on! Mr.”
I threw the remote on the sofa next to mine and ran to catch her. Trisha and I had some normal conversation about our college lives. We shared every experience except “My Ragging!”
How could I?
Usually, Trisha never talks too much but she cannot stop overpowering me. She thinks that I’m the only person in the universe who can be fooled thrice in a day and still think that he is a genius!
We reached the puja pandal. Everybody was waiting for us including “Miss.X
Everybody decided to have a lunch at “Ganga-the restaurant”.
We walked as slow as possible to reach that restaurant as late as possible.
“Ganga-the restaurant welcomes you...”
Read a banner outside that place. We took our seats. I was luckily placed just in front of “Miss.X” and as far as possible from Trisha. Thank God!
We were the only customers in the restaurant. It meant we could have a lot of unlimited fun. It started with a usual gossip session about our college-lives. Then came the most interesting part. We all had to confess something to everybody.
I won’t give you the details of everyone’s confession but I’ll just mention about “Miss.X
She started
“I loved a guy.”
This shocked all of us. I’m not sure about all of us but it certainly rocked me and made my heart beat faster. I was not sure what’s going to come next.
“ we are not together.... for the first time in my life I thought of spending my whole life with a boy and he also turned to be a moron with another relationship to hurt my emotions. Now, I cannot trust anybody in my life. I cannot love anyone. I’m upset with these guys. This was my confession” Miss.X said these words.
It was enough to destabilize me. For the next part of that get-together I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Her smile, her face, her disappointment, her untied hairs and her "blinking of eyes" constituted a slideshow before my eyes.
Trisha noticed my pale face but she is a smart girl. She didn’t poke me at that instant at that place. She knew that would make the situation worse. We returned after our lunch. Trisha told me to accompany her to her home.
She asked, “So, are you upset?”
Me: Yes, I’m not happy. Isn’t that visible to your eyes?
Trisha held my hand and said, “Don’t lose hope mate!”
Me: I’ve tried everything to win her heart. I’ve done things which I couldn’t even dream of before. I think about her 24X7. I want her in my life. I think I’ve lost her love somewhere. I want to search that.
“Love is not a lost and found commodity” witty reply by Trisha
It was sufficient to bring a transient smile to my face. “Ok! Trisha I’m leaving” I uttered these words after reaching her place. She didn’t force me to come inside as she had sensed my mood.

I reached my home. I started to think of various possibilities of my life without “Miss.X” but I couldn’t stop thinking about her. A thought came to my mind. I was pondering over the pros and cons of committing a suicide. The first thing which came to my mind was “Can I tolerate that immense pain”. I’d a feeling that death is easy if it is not painful. I prayed to God. I prayed that I should die without pain. I even thought “I’m ready to face death even now, if it’s painless”
I went into a subtle state of sleep. I was sleeping.
A voice filled my ears. I recognized it to be of “Goddess”. Goddess Gayatri!
Goddess: Are you not content with your life?

Me: No, I’m seriously unsatisfied.
Goddess: Fine. You’ll die after 5 hours. You’ll not feel any pain.
Me: Thanks. I was happy that at least my prayer was heard.

After two hours of imagination, I started to feel that I’m going to end my life after a few hours. I suddenly felt cold. A sense of insecurity filled my heart. I certainly didn’t want to die anymore; even if it’s painless. I realized that I’ve many more things in my life than “Miss.X”.
I’ve parents, brothers, sisters, Trisha and friends......
I didn’t want to die!
I cried, “I don’t want to die”
Goddess Gayatri appeared in that dream. She said, “So, son are you ready to leave this materialistic world.”
Me: No....
Goddess: Why?
Me: I was foolish.
Goddess: Now?
Me: Self-realization......I understood life....I don’t want to die...please help me.
Goddess: I knew this my are safe...and yes remember one thing
“Love is not a lost and found commodity”.
Her voice and her image vanished and I woke up after a self-enlightening dream.

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