"IIT Bhubaneswar's spelling mistake"?

“An historical event took place in 2008 in the country. Six new IITs started functioning from the academic year 2008-09. IIT Bhubaneswar admitted 120 students through IIT JEE, distributed over three disciplines: Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.....” says the homepage or rather the “introduction” page of IIT Bhubaneswar’s website.
However, they failed in understanding that IIT has a standard which is world-renowned and should not be tarnished by the use of sub-standard techniques and technology to hurt the image of the other respected IITies.
I’m writing this because of a serious blunder by the website designers err the content writers of the IIT Bhubaneswar’s website.
What they did?
“Under mentorship of IIT Kharagpur, the Institute is going to acuire world class infrastructure, faculty and facilities.” says the last line of the “introduction” page.
Did you see the mistake?
I know you are not a dumb but still I’d like to mention that. I think the respected website content writers have not read their own text after clicking on the “publish” button...I hope it’s as simple as that.
I’ll not trouble you further. Don’t you think “acuire” is not a valid English word? I hope my English is not that obsolete. However, do let me know if I’m wrong. I think “acquire” is the word which me and my word editor says is a legitimate English word in this context.
Respected Website designers and content writers, I’m sorry if I hurt you guys or gals or uncles or aunties.
However, this is not a new thing about IIT websites. Our very own IIT kharagpur described as the “the best engineering institute of the country” by IIT Bhubaneswar’s website is also not flawless in its website’s content and design.
I’d like to hear from you if the opinions expressed in this post hurt you, or you disagree with me, or you have something better to share.

PS: Finally, the website is corrected.
PS: Visit IIT Bhubaneswar's website from here
PS: Sorry IIT BBSians
PS: There were some more mistakes in the website.