A Movie worth watching : Delhi 6

Delhi's Chandni chowk rather the whole old Delhi in “Times Square”. This is what it takes to make someone like me to write my first movie review but of course in a not-so “thesaurus English”, just before 20 hours from my midsemester exams.
Rakesh Omprakash Mehra after the success of “Rang De Basanti” comes up with his new film Delhi- 6. A.R.Rahman is once again at his best by giving some exceptional tunes and creating a vibe in the film which makes even a “non-delhite” immediately associate him being in Old Delhi. Delhi-6 truly justifies its title by putting the essence of “delhi-6” in the film. The movie had each and every taste of contemporary India in which the director is an expert. Untouchability or silly superstitions or the media's role in creating controversies or communal disharmony or woman trade in the society or improper bringing up of children, he has filmed everything in this movie. It tries to say that “Swades” could have been made in a better way. It smartly passes the message to the audience. Though in incorporating everything in the movie the subtleness of the movie is lost but still the audience will truly enjoy this 2 ½ hour movie. Abhishek Bachchan finally comes outside the shadow of his father after movies like “Bluffmaster” and “Delhi-6”. His overworked American accent is not that bad to get that he plays the role an NRI in the movie. His chemistry with Bittu, played by sonam kapoor is not that perfect but still the “monkey clad Abhishek Bachchan and sonam kapoor” hug deserves applause.
The dialogues are honestly written which makes the movie worth watching . The movie is successful in disguising people with the whole Chandni Chowk shots which are actually shot on set.
Now for people who don’t want to spoil their exams.
In brief, the movie is about Roshan (Abhishek Bachchan), a typical NRI young man, who comes down from New York to “Delhi 6”, with his grandmother, nicely played by Waheeda Rehman. Roshan finds it difficult to get the atmosphere of Delhi 6 which is actually Chandi Chowk. This is what the movie tries to articulate. Roshan finally decides to stay back in India to fight with the overhyped menace of the “Monkey Man”. Bittu is dying to break free and be a free bird to participate in the next round of Indian Idol. Will Roshan be able to save the day? Or will he return back to his home and stay off these troubled streets of Chandni Chowk? Watch it yourself after exams are over.
Now, if you want to spoil your exams further do watch “Dev d” and quickly fast forward “Billu Barber” to the last 20 minutes for the modern “Krishna-sudama” speech in a self-praise SRK movie.

PS: I'm really having no time left for my exams after watching the movie and managing some time to write my maiden movie review.
PS: Please, pray for me!!!
PS: I'll be coming with more detailed movie reviews and meaningful posts after the exams are over.