Love, Life and Dream On...

A University of California study found that 10 per cent of all start-ups in the Silicon Valley between 1995 and 1998 were by Indians, most of whom had come from the IIT system. This was the scenario between 1995 and 1998.

1.Raj Kamal Jha
2.Tushar Raheja
3.Sandipan Deb
Q. Guess, who’s next in this list?
A. Chetan Bhagat.

--> Once upon a time IITians were considered as geek entrepreneurs and technocrats. Now, they have become smarter. The entrepreneur in them gave birth to a new field of quick fame. It’s different than research, it’s different than entrepreneurship and it’s also different from bollywood to an extent.
Obviously, the talk of the campuses all over the Indian sub-continent is the rise of IITians as authors and novelists. The tale of technocrats who have left their highly equipped laboratories to write about some fictional world is selling like hotcakes. It’s a fact, better get used to this.
One thing this new generation of IITians in India is doing is making the lazy Indians like me to read novels. Indians are used to bollywood and cricket that anything apart from these can’t entertain an average Indian. However, authors like Chetan Bhagat have done a considerably great work by writing some easy to comprehend novels. The USP of these novels is that you can immediately identify yourself with the characters. They are so Indian that they seem to be the classmate or your neighbour’s son or daughter.
I too began reading novels influenced by Chetan bhagat’s literary excellence.
I was just turning the pages of the newspaper when I saw this
“IIT Student Sells Dreams”
It immediately caught my attention and I read the whole story. I even visited his website.
Q. Whose website?
A. Animesh Verma.

Yeah, he is the new sensation and the talk of the literary world. His maiden novel, “Love Life and Dream On...” has sold over 10,000 copies in less than a month. Animesh Verma, an alumnus of Hindu College, who is now pursuing Master's in chemistry from IIT-Mumbai, is not a fan of Chetan Bhagat unlike most of the IITians.
After reading the reviews, I’m surely going to get a copy of Animesh’s first novel and I strongly recommend every reader to read yet another IITian’s masterpiece.
I won’t give any review of the book here as I’m yet to have a look of the book but after reading the reviews I'm glad to give you some links to them too.

1.IIT student writes on Love, Life and Dreaming On (DNA's Review)

2.DU nostalgia recorded in a novel (The Times Of India's Review)

3.Animesh Verma's Blog (Love, Life and Dream On...)

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