I was tagged by Sajal yesterday at G-talk and here it goes...

Blogging for me is:

It is not for me but for my readers. 


'One' resolution for New Year:

I want to look like Aamir khan (without 8 packs)


Bike or Car (and why):

Car, I’ve three reasons for it

1.       It’s safer than bike

2.       I’ve always dreamt of going on a long drive with my soul-mate in a car.

3.       While driving a car you can look into the eyes of.......... obviously you can guess?? J


A chance to fly or a chance to be invisible (and why):

Invisible, I suffer from Acrophobia (an extreme or irrational fear of heights).

I would love to love:

My parents, they deserve my love more than anyone in this world.


Most recent Dream I had:

I’m a kid again. Teacher in the school asks to describe a word and I was struggling L


If I were to marry today, I would:

If the girl is pretty, I would be delighted.

If the girl is not so ..., I wouldn’t marry and convince everybody that I’m underage (I’m actually 20 years old). 


My Dream Girl is/would be:



Best Flirt I have known personally:

A guy named Harsh from Tata DAV public School, Noamundi.

He had no work other than changing girlfriends every fortnight.

He is a gem of Noamundi. I like the ways he used to flirt with girls.


Physics or mathematics (and why):

Physics, I understand it more and it is easier than mathematics.


Given a chance to paint the sky, I would (which colour):



Favourite Poet (author I know):

Chetan Bhagat.


Favourite Blog:

1. CHRONICLES OF FIRST LOVE (teenage love story)

Its sequel

2. In Love Again…

Please don’t miss these blogs


Favourite childhood story:

The crocodile and the monkey...

I’ve heard many versions of it, my grandmother first narrated then I've read it many times.


If I were to compare moon to 1 thing, I would:



Latest Crush:

Asin, the actress in Ghajini.


Favourite 3 letter word (tricky one):

IIT, I know this is not a word but I’m obsessed with IIT.


One thing I hate about Internet:

It’s addictive and it can make your life miserable if internet connection is disturbed.


Latest Lie that I told:

No, I can’t remember.


Hindi word I use most frequently:

Haan (Yes)


English word I use most frequently:

Obviously, this is most used by all the engineering students.


Favourite question among the above ones:

Favourite 3 letter word (tricky one):


Least favourite question among the above ones:

Blogging for me is:


PS: I don't know much about this tagging business
PS: What is your New year resolution?
PS: Fourth semester starts today
PS: Going to attend the Mathematics lecture(boring), bye