Are you Bored?---What to do when you are bored??

Life is not so interesting. Every fifth day, you may feel bored and not find anything interesting or funny to do.
I have been through many such boring moments in my life and I’ll share what I do when I feel bored…….

1. Search something interesting on the internet……that’s very difficult!!!
2. Visit Orkut profiles of your friends……’ll not find anything interesting.
3. Visit random Orkut profiles of unknown persons…’ll find loads of interesting things.

Sometimes, it could well lead to something very funny and interesting.
Once, I did a similar sort of thing.
I visited profile of a girl and left a scrap.
Scrap :Do I know you??

After this a really interesting conversation followed….

Girl: This question should have been asked by me…….
Me: Yeah……but I thought you know me??
Girl: Why should I know you...? Are you a celebrity??
Me: Actually, Your profile picture resembled one of friends’….but I couldn’t remember
her name……So, I thought let’s see if you remember me….
Girl: I don’t have a twin sister…..and I don’t know you… please stop bugging me…
Me: BTW…….what do you do?
Girl: I’m doing my graduation and preparing for CAT-2009.
There was a moment to be seized…………..after that some general talks made us friends………….. I hope she(the girl) doesn’t read this……..but she never reads my blog.
I’m safe.

I know that I’m not a good blogger. I do commit a lot of mistakes in my blog posts.
If anyone of you want to rectify me and willing to waste your valuable time with my blog and me, you are free to do so.

1. Send me an e-mail.
2. Subject: I want to bore you.
3. E-mail body: Write your name, qualification (just for fun), blogging experience.
4. E-mail address:

PS: I thank unlisten for her suggestion about this post.
PS: I'm enjoying my holidays at home.
PS: I don't think our government will attack Pakistan.
PS: Do apply for the boring job.
PS: "Sorry Bhai" is a good timepass movie.