The Immortal

In this world, there is nothing called invincible, immortal, or any other synonym you would like to use. However, every rule has its exception. The almighty god is certainly immortal and he is the only power which can control the immortality of everything.
Every tangible matter in this world is always uncertain about its existence. Any Guesses.....about what you are going to read...??
I'll give a hint.
What is the opposite of mortal? (Answer in Hindi)
Do you need more hints?
Okay! I'll give another clue, what would you do if you are going to die within 3 months?

Yeah! I've seen Dasvidaniya. The character of Amar in the movie is one of the few characters in recent Bollywood movies which has a lot of influence in our lives. There is a bit of Amar in every one of us. Amar is organized, disciplined, honest, dedicated but his simplicity and innocence makes me feel apparently that he is responsible for everything which he is facing. Life has also been quite unfair to this person who chalks down his "Things to do...". When the doctor explains the nature of his stomach cancer the innocence of Amar can even melt the coldest heart.
The actual character of Amar starts after this bad news.
I've not given any movie review nor will I do it for this time.
I'm just touched by the protagonist of the film which can be felt by everybody at some point of time.
The way he plans his ten "things to do before he dies...." is very special and unique for any movie (at least in my recent memory).
What if I ask you the same question?
I know this is a difficult question but do give it a try. I tried to answer the same question and believe me it's much more difficult than what it seems. I’ll try to simplify this for you.
Just answer any one of these questions which are influenced by the movie Dasvidaniya.
1. Would you propose a married lady who is also your childhood love?
2. Would you go to an alien land, i.e. a foreign tour to meet your selfish friend?
3. Can you afford to pay an EMI of 3 lakhs for a car loan?
4. Would you stop reading/writing blogs?

PS: Dasvidaniya is a heart touching movie, please don't miss it.
PS: Apparently I felt tiny droplets rolling down my cheek after the movie.
PS: Should I change the title of this post?