Marriages are Made in Heaven

A young man loves a woman; the love is also reciprocated by the lady. They have spent their most memorable college days together. The obvious question in your mind would be, "There are many love stories like this.......What's different?"
The story is about an IITian.
There are many IITians and merely this doesn't make the story different.
Okay, let me put the whole story in a different manner than what I decided before I started writing this post.
A studious boy studies and succeeds in getting a seat at an IIT, is he lucky?
No, I don't think so. There is a reason behind this answer.

The next dream of every IIT student (male) is to have a female companion at college.......why am I
using such respectable word for the much common word "girl-friend"?
This also has a reason.

The boy finally enters into a relationship with an IITian lady (her classmate), is he lucky?
Again, no.

They both pass out of IIT with spectacular offers, is he lucky? ...err are they lucky?
No, certainly not.

Finally, there relationship takes a decisive turn. The most important event in a person's life is marriage. They are finally engaged and their wedding ceremony is due on 6th December. Are they

Around a week before their marriage, the girl came across a bad news. Her fiancé was shot dead at Mumbai. The
terrorists did this to end an eternal love story.
This justifies the above phrase (title of this post) about marriages. However, I'm quite depressed.
I know a friend whose mother was also a student of Prof. Banerjee, the father of the boy who died.
The Professor also teaches my friend. He is also very upset after this incident.
Some serious steps need to be taken to demolish terrorism.
I don't know who is responsible for this shameful attack on the financial capital of India, but obvious finger points towards someone, and I don't want to name them. I may be wrong but I cannot help my emotions. India is still a developing country. India is still not a safe country to live in. India is not poverty free. Our democracy is not democratic enough to handle many critical situations.
I just salute the people who have lost their lives in Mumbai but I've special affection and empathy for the girl and his fiancé.
Malayesh and Khushboo were made for each other.
Destiny had different plans. Life has been quite unfair to the couple.
I cannot gather my thoughts to describe Khusboo's present state of mind but she would be definitely in shock.She was all set to tie the knot next week. Now her world has fallen apart.

They (Malayesh and Khushboo) are definitely not so lucky!!!
Their story will always be in my memories.
Marriages are made in heaven!!!

PS: You can visit their webspace about their wedding from here
PS: We should stand together and fight against terrorism
PS: BTW...have I deviated a lot and started writing bad posts??PS: Going home tomorrow.
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