Desultory! (please bear with the randomness)

There's a kind of freedom in being completely screwed, because you know things can't possibly get any worse.
--The Freshman
For your kind information I haven't seen "The Freshman" .
I was just not getting anything to write about so I searched some sites and found this movie quote.
This really describes my present sophomore year at IIT Kharagpur. If you are a regular reader of my blog then you must have realised that I always use the word "really”. I mean I overuse it to such an extent that I do feel that I should stop using this word really!!
Well where was I?
Yeah just checked previous lines for confirmation. I always thought that college life will be the best part of life and waited for it like an Indian girl who waits for her marriage. But I do share same feelings with that married woman who was eagerly looking for her marriage. I must say when I was in my intermediate classes during last 2-3 years of my school life I fell in love with IIT. The passion for a seat in IIT made me crazy.
I know many of my friends couldn't handle their hormonal changes at that vital juncture of life and fell in love with real persons at least they were sensible to comprehend real feelings for real living beings.
I don't mean that my love for IIT was insane or lunatic or zany. I had strong feelings for IIT. I dreamt about IIT, I thought about IIT, I talked about IIT, my morning newspaper search would be news related to IIT. My each and every second was devoted towards thinking about IIT. Now I would stop bragging about my love for IIT as I have just now realised that I've typed IIT 12 times (including the last one).
I also tried to emulate my friends' activities related to flirting and flattery but I realized it that men should do things which are meant for them. I seriously quit those activities and found my own way to enjoy life.
The love for physics made me a person who never raised his head when he noticed some girls around.
It is a well known fact that I'm still remembered for this behaviour. As said by my ex-neighbour, “I’ve never ever seen Ashish more close than 5 meters to a strange girl."
This line may seem quite stupid but the original version in Hindi has a lot of sarcasm and appreciation at the same time that by remembering that line my heart and lips smile at the same instance.
For the people who are searching the girl character in this post I'll not surprise them with not mentioning about girls.
Fact maybe that when I was in love with those "three letters (13th time...)"I stopped thinking about girls but I did love to see some beautiful faces at school and coaching centres. I don't want to name every one of them because of two reasons:
1. I don't want to publicly announce their names
2. I don't remember their names....lolz

Girls have always found a special place in every post and so this time also I'll not change that trend.
Though I never tried to have any sort of interaction with the girls in school our any other place but still........
Life has so many surprises that you always have to face some sweet experiences.
I still remember that day as it was the first time when I was standing in front of the queue for purchasing the admission form for JEE. I was astonished to see that how many people want those three letters before their name. I had no other option but to wait for my turn and stand in the queue. Actually there were two queues; one for boys and other for girls.
As usual the girls are always in minority and they enjoyed a smooth time at the bank (form centre).
To my utter disbelief I recognised one girl as one of my neighbour. I knew that my image in the locality was of a shy boy but this time I'd to break the ice first as I couldn't tolerate that scorching sun over my head.
My conversation starts:
Me: hey stylo! (Oops...I called her with this name)
So to say more on this, this name was given to a girl in our neighbourhood by one and only my sister, as stylo (ooops...again) usually followed latest trends and always returned late at night. I and my sister hated her a lot because of the attitude of Purvi (stylo).
Getting back to that day she finally noticed me, I prayed to god that she didn't heard her new name.
Purvi: Hi! Ashish. (It was the first time she said anything to me)
Me: Hi.
Purvi: So you also need form?
Me: yeah! Can you do me a favour?
Purvi: I know I'll do it just give 1000 Rs. /-
Me: Oh my God are you going to take thousand rupees for this?
Purvi: Stupid! It's the cost of form.
Me: Sorry!
I gave her a thousand rupee note and she gave me the form within 5 minutes.
She offered me a lift to my home on her Scooty-pep.
I although a bit sceptical about this offer I couldn't say no to a beautiful girl. I sat on her brand new scooty.
We had a bit of normal conversation. The main part of that journey was a 200 m distance which was full of jerks. It was a rare occasion that I loved the jerks as you might have guessed the reason. I must say Purvi is very pretty. She looked sweeter with her cute helmet.
We reached her home. She requested me to come to her house. I knew I was not doing a great thing by entering inside as I would be questioned by my detective sister. She told me to wait for 5 minutes in her living room. She came and I was quickly asked various questions by her mother and her. I responded to those like a schoolboy. I was not at all happy with the type of behaviour I'd to face but I was feeling good as I was getting an opportunity to glance at purvi without any loss to my image.

1 strange thing happened which ruined my whole experience.
The JEE-form which was purchased by purvi was for female candidates only.
The rest of the incident is easily workable.

PS: This post is a result of incoherent memories and thoughts
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