Chapter3:This girl is not happy

If you have not read chapter1 and chapter2, read them

She adduced me the cause of the change in her mood. She pointed to a cute, sweet baby who was giving a beaming smile. I know that girls love babies but still couldn't apprehend the cause of her giggle. So with no delay my gray cells ordered me to quench my curiosity with help of Vaishali.
Vaishali started belaboring. She further pointed to the baby. This time I noticed a thing which should have been noticed much before. The sweet creature had performed the indispensable act of
peeing on his father's lap. I thanked god for this gesture by him. Sometimes to make one person smile you need to do some funny, embarrassing things but they are worth it. The father of child must be not feeling good about this but still it made Vaishali smile was more than enough for me at that moment. I saw vaishali displaying her beautiful smile. I felt like hugging her, but I restrained my feelings for her as it is not permissible or morally correct in Indian culture to show such public
display of affection. Once again our chat started.
Vaishali: So, Ashish do u have a girlfriend?

Me :( clean bowled by her question) Nopes (shyness evident).

Vaishali: Are you dating somebody?

Me: No (I couldn't understand what the difference between the two questions is?).

Vaishali: That suggests only two possibilities.

Me: What are those two possibilities?

Vaishali: Either you are not interested in girls or you have bad experiences with girls

Me: What prompts you to think so?

Vaishali: You don't look like a boy who is inherently female repellent.

Me: Hmmmmmmmm.......

Vaishali: I mean you are the kind of boy every girl would love to spend her time with.

Me: Is it?

Vaishali: You struck me as an affable sort of man, honestly.

Me: My pleasure talking to you.

Vaishali: Hey wait!!

Her cell phone rang and she had to receive. While talking I noticed something about her which
cannot be detailed on this public blog (I know what you are job is done).
She looks soooooooooooooo sweet while she speaks, and sweeter while on cell phone. The smile
on her face is for the gossip which is through the cellphone, isn’t it sweet?? Technology has really
invaded most parts of our life. After a long time (veryyyyyyy long) I opened the book (V.S.Naipaul’s...).
Till I could comprehend the first line I was disturbed by Vaishali.I was waiting for this disturbance.
It is strange that sometimes you love yourself to be disturbed.
I was yet again disturbed by one SMS in my cell phone.
I didn't like this disturbance.
The best kind of friend is one with whom you sit on a bench saying nothing & when you get up and go,
you feel you had the best conversation of your life

Yeah Trisha has this habit of sending messages which sound too philosophical but they touch
your heart. So sorry for this distraction but I get a little bit too emotional about Trisha. Remember
To know her, visit this.

After I finished the ceremonial message reading I was questioned by vaishali. The question was quite obvious, “who had sent you the SMS".
Me: Ohh!! She is Trisha my friend

Vaishali: Friend or................????(Obviously vaishali was unaware about this)

Me: Childhood friend and nothing more......

Vaishali: Okk!!

Vaishali reminded me that we are just few minutes away from reaching our destination. I just hated this. I wished I'd more time with her. The train was on time. I wonder why train is always on time when it's not necessary but late when you have to reach on time. Murphy's laws also remind this fact. So I'd to now say good-bye to Vaishali and hope that I keep meeting more Vaishalieeesssss.

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