Chapter2:This girl is not happy

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Thank god!! My journey was now going to be great experience. Just imagine!!! A nice looking girl sitting beside you in a train.
Here is our short conversation:
Vaishali (that girl): So you study in IIT?

Me: yup!! But how did you guess it?

Vaishali: It's written on your book"....IIT KGP".

Me: Ohhh!! You are quite smart and I am a dumb. (I certainly knew that the purpose of book was this only...)

Vaishali: So you like to read this type of novels?

Me: Not exactly but I do sometimes test my patience......

Vaishali: Ohhh!! Then I must praise you for your patience.

After this boring topic was over she started a really unusual topic which certainly rocked me as I was not expecting this from a stranger who hardly knows me. She asked me to be patient to listen her as she wanted to vent out her feelings. It was very difficult to say no to an innocent, sweet girl which needs some time with you.

I waited for her to start but she took very long to gather her thoughts. I wonder she was refining her thoughts to make a proper articulation to me.

Her mother is suffering from a severe incurable disease. To be more precise Cerebral atrophy. She is bed-ridden for the last two years. Vaishali is the only child of her mother and father. Vaishali started expressing her grief to me. That was unexpected but I tried to be calm and patient. I always prefer to keep my mouth shut when matters like this are thrown towards me. In other words I'm a good listener.

So she carried on saying that there is nobody in her home to look after her mother so her father has to face a lot of difficulty in his day-to-day life. She (her mother) cannot walk on her own, cannot take her meal with her hands, and cannot attend nature's call at her wish resulting in her coming face-to face with the atrocities life has in store for her.

I was starting to feel the level of predicament vaishali is in. I began to think how can a man be such strong to handle his wife who is in her vegitative state. I know that how much anybody loves his soul-mate (if they are considered so...) but it’s difficult to look after your aging wife who cannot do a single task on her will. It must be really bad. I was empathizing with Vaishali and her father. Suddenly vaishali giggled. I asked her what was the cause of this sudden change in her behaviour . She explained me why she did so.......
To be continued.....
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PS: This series is taking a twist
PS: I wish I could help Vaishali