Chapter1:This girl is not happy

Durga puja holidays were over. Time came for leaving my home and once again my mind got strangled in visualizing the boring journey which really gets me annoyed of life.
This time I had different plans. I wanted to boast that I'm an iitian( so cheap) and I took a really nerdy book along with my luggage( my luggage was as heavy as me).

The book rather a work on Indian civilization is written by V.S. Naipaul titled as "India: A Wounded Civilization". I've yet not read the book completely. This reading was not as an interest but I wanted to get some attention which makes my journey a little bit less boring. Unfortunately I was initially not noticed by anyone. That didn't stop me reading.

As I was getting frustrated with the strong criticism of India by the author I heard a sweet voice ," Excuse me ". To my utter disbelief I noticed a pretty cute girl of around 19-20 years. This was the first time a beautiful, young girl broke my silence in a train. She requested me to interchange her place with mine and I couldn't say no to her so I had to shift but it was for something good. I mean really good.
As I still sat next to her. I was wondering should I stop reading and start a talk or keep on with my geeky attitude. My thoughts soon guided me to do the thing which I'm good at so I got interested in the lines which were very difficult to comprehend when you are sitting next to a girl who is perhaps more beautiful than any of your crushes.
Soon a vendor disturbed my thoughts with his bellow. I was not feeling hungry so I thought not to buy any rubbish but that pretty face asked for a lays packet. She didn't have change for giving to that flirty vendor. I was getting very much irritated with the vendor so I handed him a twenty rupees note and asked him to keep his mouth shut. I didn't know why I felt bad when that vendor was gazing the girl but I was not comfortable with the presence of that vendor so I did that. So that vendor finally left us. The girl thanked me and asked my name. I was happy that sometimes unknowingly you do some good things. So our chat started.
To be continued.....
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PS: This is inspired from a true story
PS: Don't speculate too much I don't have any contact with the girl