Are all girls innocent?

There are only two kinds of people in this world. First kind, who have entered a girls' hostel and other kind, who wish to visit someday. I know some of you might not agree and might argue about the existence of a third
category, who haven't visited any girls' hostel and never want to do so. But, honestly speaking this kind of people are rare and my blog is for the general mass and I don't care about the exceptions.
What comes to your mind when I say the word ‘girl’?
I know you would be thinking about beautiful faces and analyzing them unless you are not from an IIT. Scene here at IIT is quite different. So, for IIT guys I would like to help their hibernated gray cells.
So here come some pics of sweet faces which at least can make the IITians think that girls' hostel is a beautiful place. So see it then read the following part of this post

So now here comes a usual night at my hostel (boys'). I was searching the IIT Kgp LAN for some videos.
My search entry was always related to girls (I know what is going in your mind).
At last I decided that this search would be my last search and I would download the file which comes at the top. I saw a file named as, “girls hostel (MUST WATCH).avi”. I didn't care what the file was about.
I just opened the kurkure packet and started enjoying the short film err video.
A girl who was looking very decent I mean good-looking, strolled in my HP-laptop's screen and entered her new room. There was a normal sort of conversation which resulted in a quarrel between that girl and her room-mate.
The girl (the main protagonist of the video) was totally mad about cleanliness. I mean she was expecting her hostel to be a salubrious place to say the least. Though her hair
was curly she was looking good. She hated everything about the hostel and college I suppose due to her attitude. The environment created by the director was perfect hostel-like. She also had serious arguments with her seniors and a boy in particular.
I still remember one line said by the girl which surprised me as well as the boy,i.e. “ cheap, disgusting, moron, you f***ing trash can, the moment you see a girl you can't even get hold of your hormones, why don't you try these lines with your mom?”.

If this was not enough she also said this,".......go f*** yourself, a**hole".
The boy must have been furious after this sort of an insult but what he did with his friends was shocking.
They locked the girl in her new room. But she was not alone; to add was a piece of sample from the morgue, a cut hand. Imagine a girl who is a cleanliness freak has to spend a night with a cut hand.
After a while when her room-mate notices that they have forgot to open the lock of her room they suddenly got tensed.
One thing which was unexplainable in the whole plot was that the boy lived in the same hostel which was supposedly girls' hostel. If I'm not correct how you can explain the quick appearance of the guy when the girls are frightened after discovering that the girl is still being locked in the room. The boy comes with a sleepy face and opens the room very casually.
Then he discovers a thing which dumbfounded me. I couldn't speak for at least 3000 milliseconds. Please discover yourself what made me numb.
The time was 3 am and almost everybody in my hostel was sleeping. It was tough for me to attend the call of nature as lights were off everywhere and the bathroom was too scary. I could still not forget the frightening face of that girl.

PS: Finally I got something to write about.
PS: Keep reading my blog, it has been a dramatic journey so far.
PS: Thanks for your support.