Part2: Crush..........??????

So, as promised I start the concluding part of my previous post.
Teenage immature love is the current hot subject of blogs. So, how about childhood pleasure (love is not a suitable word)????

We were really good friends. Here we mean Trisha and me. We went to School together, we were at the same tuition so we spent really a good chunk of time studying together, and after studies it was time to have some fun. Unlike other boys and girls at that age generally there were no grapples between us, but whenever a quarrel started it was quite difficult for anybody to stop us. We enjoyed watching the same TV shows which generally comprised of many emotional(boring) TV soaps (mainly of DD-1), as in those days cable TV was still to see the daylight in India.
To say the least we always loved our company. Despite the fact that our most of the games were indoor still we were very active (I was naughtier). It is rightly said that good times pass at a great pace. I would like to mention one of my childhood mischiefs.
My grandmother is an art-lover. She had bought a new statuette of a village woman from an art exhibition. I’m his grandson so how could I miss the chance to analyze the beauty of that artistic excellence with an overrated mathematic brilliance. So, I gradually felt each and every contour of that non-living beauty (hey!!! Don’t think that I was having any bad intentions). But as I tried to check the neck of that beauty, it (her face) fell on the floor. I knew that I'm into some serious trouble now .My grandmother is very strict I remember once she slashed 1 month’s payment of an innocent maid who broke her yet another art-piece gifted to her by an artist friend. My grey cells started their work .I must say they hardly get any chance to work and if at all, their success record is incomparable (000%).Still I somehow managed to fake that non-living lady that she(it) is not headless. I breathed with a sigh of relief after my maiden engineering assignment. I murmured, “Well-done!!!” I heard a voice saying,”you are gonna.............” I realised it was Trisha.
Trisha: Hey what have you done??
Me: Please don’t tell to anybody.
Trisha: yeah of course, except grandma.
Me: Nooooooooooooo.
Trisha: I’ll!!! let’s see what punishment you get??
Me: Trisha I’ve a 5-star (chocolate).
Trisha: So what??
Me: It’s for you. You are my best friend.
Trisha: I’m bored of these chocolates everyone gives me these foolish things. Am I still a kid???
Me: So what do you want?
Trisha: Let’s try something different. Last day I saw a Hollywood movie.
Me: Then??
Trisha: I saw a boy of our age kissing his friend(girlfriend) on her birthday. Give me a kiss.
Me: Hey I’m not your boyfriend.
Trisha: I think you are.
Me: How can you say that?
Trisha: I don’t know but last day Shivangi (her classmate and also mine) told that I’m your girlfriend and you are my boyfriend. So now are you kissing me or I’m going to grandma??
Me: Okk!!
I came forward, thought how to kiss ...??
I was very close to her,suddenly she screams,"hey!!! wait what are you doing??" Actually, Trisha's mother came and as she(trisha) was smarter so she fooled me and I'd to face all the misery and compunction.
But, I don’t know why but perhaps it was the worst day of my life as I was experiencing every new thing which was not pleasant (except that kiss!!) as my father saw us doing the junior romantic scene. The consequences were quite obvious.
My crush stories continues, wait for next post!!

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